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Two way switch refers to two switches that both control the same light. Two separate switches that are used in pairs to control the same ceiling fan are two way switches.

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Q: What is two way switch?
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What are the disadvantages of a two way switch?

What is Disadvantages of two way switch

What is the difference between a 2-way switch and a 3-way switch?

A pair of 'two-way' switches is used to allow a lamp to be operated from two different locations, such as from the bottom or top of a staircase. In North America, for some odd reason, a 'two-way switch' is called a 'three-way switch'. So, 'two-way switch' = British terminology); 'three-way switch' = US terminology.

How do you set up a two way switch?

The link will show a diagram of how to wire a two way switch.

Difference between one way and two way switch?

Answer for UK, Europe and countries running a 50 Hz supply service.One way switch only switch once i.e one off or on and it only has two points. This switch can work alone in a circuit. A two way switch switches twice i.e two on and two offs. It has 3 points, one is the common point and the other two wires are connected to the two other points of another two way switch. It cannot work alone but must always have another two way switch connected to it otherwise it will work like a one way switch.

What is the definition of a two way switch?

two way swtich is a switch taht is used when we on or off an electrical device on two buttons.

Which logic gate is similar to two way switch?

XOR gate is a two way switch...beacuse connection is on when two variables are different

Define two way switch?

A "Two Way Switch" Is Simply Adevice Which Break Or Joint Electric Circut it Is used To Switch One Light On And Of from Two Diffrent Location :) Tami

How do you wire a two-way switch?

read the instructions in the switch packet

How do you wire a light with a switch to another light with a switch in a different room?

Search Google with: "two-way circuit" or "two-way switch" and have a look through the websites on the subject.

How do you wire a two-way light switch?

read the instructions in the switch packet

Intermediate switch layout?

The strappers from each two way switch go to the four way switch. The strappers from one switch go to terminals 1 & 2, the other two go to terminals 3 & 4.

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