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The terminal velocity of a Baseball at sea-level is 33 m/s or approximately 74 miles per hour.

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Q: What is the terminal velocity of a baseball?
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What does a parachute do to terminal velocity?

It decreases the terminal velocity of the parachutist.

How do atoms pass their terminal velocity in a particle accelerator?

Passing the terminal velocity is clearly not possible, otherwise it could not be called the terminal velocity!

How would you use the word terminal velocity in a sentence?

We will reach terminal velocity just before we hit the ground, then the result of our velocity will be terminal.

What is the speed an on object reaches when the force of gravity is balanced by air resistance called?

terminal velocity

If air resistance is negligible then terminal velocity is the velocity of shock waves?

If resistance is negligible, then there is no terminal velocity.

What is the speed of an object that has reached terminal velocity?

The speed at terminal velocity depends on the mass and shape of the object. For example, a sheet of paper will have a very low terminal velocity; the terminal velocity for a man will be much higher.

What is the acceleration of an object that reache terminal velocity?

Zero, by definition. "Terminal velocity" implies that the velocity no longer changes.

How do you find terminal velocity in maths?

Terminal velocity is the velocity at which the force of gravity is balanced by the force of air resistance. The (falling) object does not go any faster than terminal velocity.

What is the duration of Terminal Velocity film?

The duration of Terminal Velocity - film - is 1.7 hours.

Is the terminal velocity the same as the ending velocity?

Terminal velocity is the velocity that a falling object approaches asymptotically as it falls through a resisting medium (like air). If an object impacts something before getting close to the terminal velocity it will still have an "ending velocity" but it won't be the same as the terminal velocity. If an object falls far enough, the ending velocity will approach the terminal velocity close enough for them to be essentially the same.

What would have a higher terminal velocity a marble or a napkin?

The marble has lower drag so its terminal velocity would be greater. Each has its own terminal velocity.

What is velocity at starting point when it tries to attain terminal velocity?

i think its velocity is min n its try to attain max. velocity which is terminal velocity...what say?

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