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The techniques for soft and hard soldering are the same. The difference is in the type of solder used. Soft solder would have a lower melting point and therefore would require less heat. This is usually used for things that can be damaged by excessive heating.

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Q: What is the difference between soft soldering and soldering?
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What is the difference between soldering done at high school and soldering done at an industry?

really no difference except for the quantity of soldering.

What is the temperature range for soft soldering?

between 400 and 800

What is the difference between silver soldering and brazing?

same concept, silver soldering requires higher temperatures usually

What is the max temperature at which soft soldering is done is?

The maxinum temperature in which soft soldering is done is 800 F

What is the difference between electrical and torch soldering?

When soldering a person can use an electric tool or a torch. The torch uses a flame, while an electrical tool has a soldering tip which is heated.

What is soft soldering?

Soft soldering is using a heat to fuse metals together. In home improvements this is a useful skill to have when dealing with pipes and wiring.

What is another name for brazing?

Brazing is also known as soldering or soft soldering in the layman vernacular.

What is the difference between flux and soldering paste?

Flux helps promote soldering. Soldering paste might contain flux and other items to help promote soldering. The paste helps hold the flux in place while beginning to solder.

What is the difference between electric soldering iron and ordinary soldering iron?

An electric soldering iron is heated by an electric resistance coil inside. Others may be heated either by a gas(like propane) flame, or by sticking them in a forge between uses.

What is the difference between soft keyboard and keyboard?

One is soft and the other is not.

What is difference between air soft and soft-air?

Soft-air is a rip off of Air-soft

What is the main difference Between hard and soft corals?

The difference is in the name; soft corals are soft have body ; with no bony or hard Parts

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