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The maximum storm surge occurs on the side of the storm where winds blow towards the shore. Soon afterwards the storm weakens rapidly.

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Q: What happens when a hurricane makes landfall?
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When did hurricane Issachit landfall?

Hurricane Isaac made landfall on August 29, 2012.

What is a landfall hurricane?

Landfall for a hurricane means that the eye or center of rotation has hit land.

Where did hurricane Edith make landfall as a catergory 5 hurricane in 1971?

"Where did hurricane Edith make landfall as a catergory 5 hurricane in 1971?"

What category when hurricane Andrew made landfall?

Hurricane Andrew was a category 5 storm when it made landfall in the Bahamas and Florida and a category 3 at landfall in Louisiana.

What is the last hurricane to affect the US?

The last hurricane to directly impact the United States was on August 30, 2010. But it was a glancing blow and not a true landfall. The last hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. was hurricane Ida which made landfall on November 10, 2009, but it had lost hurricane status by that time. The last hurricane to make a landfall in the U.S. at hurricane strength was Hurricane Dolly on July 23, 2008.

What is the category of Hurricane Katrina at landfall?

At its first landfall in Florida Hurricane Katrina was a category 1 storm. At the second landfall on the Gulf Coast Katrina was a category 3.

Is there a possibility that a hurricane reach landfall?

Yes. It is not unusual for hurricanes to make landfall.

Is there a possibility that a hurricane will reach landfall?

Yes. It is not unusual for hurricanes to make landfall.

Where did hurricane Andrew first make landfall?

Hurricane Andrew first made landfall in Homestead Florida, which is just south of Miami. He later made another landfall in Louisiana.

When did Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the US Gulf Coast?

Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the U.S. on August 29, 2005.

What category stage was Hurricane Sandy when it made landfall?

Hurricane Sandy was a category 1 hurricane at landfall in Jamaica, and a category 3 storm at landfall in Cuba and the Bahamas. It hit the U.S. east coast with category 1 winds.

Is there a posibility that a hurricane can reach landfall?

Yes. A great many hurricanes make landfall.

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