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Hi, Good question you have there and I for one am glad you asked it. Your system will burn way way rich air fuel ratio mixture as that LP gas requires much smaller jetting simply because its heat output per given volume is roughly 3 times that of natural gas. Be careful with any kind of fuel in your home, (especially) LP fuel. I have seen houses blown completely off their slabs and foundations because of a fuel leak matched with some form of spark. ( Usually an electronic furnace ignitor ) NOT ALWAYS,,,, but, you get the point. Have your LP supplier to rejet your furnace and set it up for you. Usually if you are changing over to their fuel they do it at nominal prices and sometimes nothing. Hope this helps: Jimiwane

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Q: What happens if you run a natural gas furnace on propane without a converter?
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Can a comfortmaker propane furnace be converted to natural gas?


How do you convert a furnace to propane or natural gas?

Change out the gas flow orifice size to propane and adjust the gas valve.

What most likely uses more propane--a propane fireplace or a propane furnace?

Furnace it has to reach much higher temperatures than the fireplace

What happnes if you run a natural gas frunace on propane without a converter?

You can blow it and the house up due to overfiring it. Propane has 2.5 times the btu`s of natural gas.

How much does it cost of change natural gas furnace to propane?

not much there are kits you can buy. have a certified tec install it

What is average propane furnace efficiency?

== ==

What is the difference between gas and natural gas and if your wall heater's pilot is too big maybe 8 how can you lower it to maybe 1?

In the United States their is only Natural Gas and Propane Gas. If you don't have a Propane Tank in your yard you have Natural Gas. If you have a propane gas furnace and want to change it to a Natural Gas furnace you have to have a heating/ac guy do it or you could burn your house down. The change in pilot size is directly proportional to the btu output of your furnace and is custom sized for each different make and model (1000's of different models in the US)

Can an oil furnace be converted to propane?

yes it can

Where is the best place to get a Natural gas orifice for the change over from propane to natural gas on an Empire 65000 BTU floor furnace?

A supply house such as johnstone. Take all information of the furnace and old orifice with you and show them what you need.

Can a gas furnace be covert for propane use?

with the correct coverter kit and you meet the proper requirements for ventalation i belive you can but will depend on the model you to weather or not they have designed a converter kit

What does a fuel fired furnace do?

It uses fuel (oil/natural gas/propane) to make a fire, usually for space heating purposes.

What size furnace do you need for your house?

1200 foot propane furnace what size do i need

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