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Pain by the shoulder blade is most commonly due to a spinal or rib misallignment at that level, a muscular problem in that area, or a combination of both. A chiropractor is the answer to either problem.

Thomas A. Bea

Before seeing a chiropractor, you can try a couple home remedies to determine if the pain is related to knots formed in the muscles, including,

applying heating pad, or gels such as Icy Hot, Ben gay.

Manually feeling for knots, helps to have a friend.

stretching the area gently. Note you do not need aggressive stretching to get relief.

Use a tennis ball to give yourself a self-massage.


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2011-09-13 22:03:22
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Q: What can be done for pain located by the shoulder blade?
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What causes pain under left shoulder blade?

what causes pain and burning under my left shoulder blade?

What causes Pain in your left shoulder blade?

what cuases pain in your left shoulder is when your shoulder is broken. and you hit it.

Where would gallbladder pain appear?

The gall bladder is located on the right under the liver and ribs do when it has pain that is usually where it is felt. The pain can radiate to the chest, across the abdomen or to the back, often to the lower right shoulder blade or between the shoulder blade and spine.

What causes left shoulder blade pain?


Severe sharp pain right shoulder blade?

I recently had my gallbladder removed because I was having a fallbladder attack. When the operation was done, the pain in my right shoulder blade immediately disappeared along with pain in mt chest and on the left fsde of my stomach. I am sure it could be something else as well. Hope this helps.

What causes pain under shoulder blade area of back?


Why do I have pain in under shoulder blade and gas with belching?

i have the same problem :(

How do you relieve shoulder blade pain?

Naproxen (Aleve) and pain-reliving creme (Ben-gay)?

What causes severe pain inleft shoulder blade and tingling in left arm?

Pain in the left shoulder blade and tingling in the left arm can be caused by a pinched nerve. The exact cause of the pain should be diagnosed by a qualified physician.

What are symptoms of a Ruptured muscle in shoulder blade?

Bruising and a lot of pain and swelling

What would cause right chest pain that radiates to your right shoulder blade?

Gall baldder inflammation (cholecystitis) can cause pain in the right shoulder blade, but so can a variety of problems with your right lung - you need to get checked out by a doctor

Left shoulder blade pain?

Left shoulder pain is probably caused by a strain on the muscle. Put some ice on it and if it doesn't go away, visit your doctor.

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