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- sterilization by heat
- ultraviolet sterilization
- chemical sterilization

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Q: What are three ways of sterilization?
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What are 3 types of microbial control methods?

The three types of microbial control methods are: disinfection, sterilization, and commerical sterilization.

What are the three instrument classifications that are used to determine the method of sterilization?

Sterilization can be accomplished by heat (as in the autoclave), chemicals (as with glutaraldehyde) or radiation. Your average outpatient office uses heat or chemical sterilization.

Is cold temperature used for sterilization or disinfection?

Cold temperatures are used for disinfection not sterilization, hot temperatures are used for sterilization because your trying to kill the germs and cold is used for sterilization because your getting rid of most of the germs from one particular area and sterilization and disinfection are used in two completely different ways.

Is cold sterilization the same as chemical sterilization?

Yes. Chemical sterilization and cold sterilization are the same thing.

Ways to prevent viral infections?

-Sterilization -Sanitation -Limit exposure -Proper disposal of contaminated items

What is chemical sterilization?

what is chemical sterilization

What are the three methods of preventing bacterial growth in food?

Sterilization, disinfectants, and food processing.

What are 3 types of sterilization and disinfection in a clinic where minor procedures are performed?

Savlon, Povidone Iodine and Steamer are three types of sterilization and disinfection in a clinic where minor procedures are performed.

What does sterilization do?

Sterilization is a process that kills microorganisms.

Is sterilization reversible?

Most sterilization is reversible.

What are the three leading factors that cause incomplete autoclave sterilization?

Incomplete sterilization in the autoclave can be caused by inadequate temperature. It can also be caused by improper processing time or a leaky door seal.

What is gas sterilization?

This is a procedure of sterilization using a gas.

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