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For calculate the flow of ground water.

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Q: What are the uses of flow net in fluid mechanics?
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What are the uses and limitations of flow net in fluid mechanics?

Can't be applied in the region close to the boundry.Can't be applied to sharply converging flow.Can't describe wakes.

What are the injection into the circular flow of income?

injections into the circular flow of income are basically household consumers' net savings, net taxes and import expenditure. net savings from household consumers goes to the banks which in turn uses the money for investment expenditure(withdrawals) net taxes, goes to the govt which in turn uses it for government expenditure.(withdrawals) import expenditure goes abroad, and in turn uses it for export expenditure. Y= C + I + G + ( X-M)

What is net flow?

Net cash flow is the difference between income and expenditure.

What is the net flow?

Net cash flow is the difference between income and expenditure.

What is the net cash flow?

Net cash flow is the difference between income and expenditure.

Is cash flow the same as income?

No a Profit & Loss statement will tell you net imcone, which is not the same as cash flow. Cash Flow is the result of a sources and uses of funds statement which is often a better indication of how a buisness is performning that the P&L.

Which sport uses a net a racket and a shuttlecock?

Badminton is a racquet sport that uses a net and a shuttlecock.

How do you draw flow net diagram in soil mechanics?

An Approach to the Mechanics of Fluidsby Frank C. Fung - 1st published in June, 2008.Section VI - { Flow Net } in Soil MechanicsSummary for the Section :In this Section , we shall present the concept of { Flow Net } ,a quasi-empirical method from { Soil Mechanics } .This then give rise to the notion of :using the { General-Random-Type Six-Face Object } as the [ finite element ] in { Fluid Mechanics Analysis } .{ Flow Net } in Soil Mechanics :{ Flow Net } is simply a quasi-empirical method used in { Soil Mechanics } :Let us look , for a brief moment , at the seepage of water under a Dam , as per this diagram below :The { Flow Net } method is then as follows :First , we draw-in , roughly what we think are the { Stream-Lines } for the flow :as marked by the { blue-color lines } in the diagram below .Next , we draw-in , lines that intersect the { Stream-Lines } at [ Right-Angles ] :as marked by the { green-color lines } in the diagram below .( Right-Angles ] are [ 90-degrees angles ] )oIf the { intersection angles } do not look-like [ Right-Angles ] ,we simply make adjustments to the { blue-color lines } and the { green-color lines } :until the { intersection angles } do look-like [ Right-Angles ] .We shall not go into the full details of the { Flow-Net } method , but will simply note here :that each { Finite Element } in the { Flow Net } is a { planar surface } with 4 [ nodal-points ] ,as marked in { orange-color } in the diagram aboveThe { General-Random-Type Six-Face Object } as a [ Finite Element ] :We simply note here that with 4 { nodal-points } , we can always form :a planar [ Finite Element ] with 4 [ straight-edges ] ,which is essentially a { quadrangle } .When we extend this to { 3-D Space } , we can always use :the { General-Random-Type Six-Face Object } as the [ Finite Element ] ,which has 8 { nodal-points } and exactly 6 [ faces ] which are all [ planar surfaces ] .We then have a clear and distinct advantage here :each [ face ] of the [ finite element ] here is always in { full contact } with the corresponding { face } of the adjacent [ finite element ] ,so that there are no [ gaps ] in-between and unbroken { continuity } can always be achieved and maintained , if so desired .

Which net pressure draws fluid into the capillary?

net osmotic pressure

What effect does depreciation expense have on net income and cash flow?

Depreciation Expense reduces net income and has no effect on cash flow.

Can cash flow from operation be positive if net income is negative?

Yes, cash flow can be positive while net income is negative.

Why I type of adjustments have a largest impact on net income in cash flow?

net profit

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