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some are oxygen and carbon dioxide

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Q: What are the requirements for combustion of a candle?
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Equation for the combustion reaction of a candle?

appropriate chemical equation for the combustion of candle?

Is burning a candle an example of combustion?

combustion is burning -_-

When you burn a candle what is spontaneous combustion?

Burning a candle is not spontaneous combustion. That is when something ignites with no outside heat source. If a candle burst into flame with no match or lighter, THAT would be spontaneous combustion.

What is the chemical property of a candle?

A candle uses a combustion reaction to release heat and gas.

What chemicals reaction producing heat in candle combustion?

The materials of the candle as waxes, paraffin.

What is the molar heat of combustion of candle wax?

The example for this problem wasn't given. The molar heat of combustion of candle wax has assumption which is the heat given off by a candle which equals heat that is captured in the water.

What are the starting materials of combustion of a candle?

Combustion of candle wax, heat loss within a system, and physical/chemical changes that occur are a result of energy transformers.

What name is given to a process such as a burning candle?


What is the chemical composition of the candle in chemistry?

C25H52 is what candle wax is. If you want the formula for the combustion of a candle, add O2, then predict the result

What are the four requirements of basic combustion?

there are actually only 3 requirements for combustion. fire needs oxygen, heat, and fuel

How do you know that the burning of candle of wax is an exothermic change?

An exothermic reaction involves the release of heat into a system. The burning of a candle is combustion reaction. Combustion reaction release heat, and this can be detected and measured by the burning of a candle's wax. From these testable observations it is determined fact that candle burning is indeed exothermic.

What are two chemical products of combustion of the candle?

Water and carbon dioxide :)

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