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hygiene factors must be addressed to avoid dissatisfaction

-policies and procedures for staff treatment

-suitable level and quality of supervision

-pleasant physical and working conditions

-appropriate level of salary and status for the job

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Q: What are the factors of hygiene?
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What is the difference between motivators and hygiene factors?

Hygiene factors are the factors which should provided to any employee and they are the primary ones in order to fulfill their needs. They are very necessary so that the employee is able to obtain the other needs in his or her being. These are the factors which can be also regarded to as those of physiological needs in Abraham Maslow's hierachy of needs.On the other hand, motivational factors are those factors which now follow after the hygiene also called primary need factors are fulfilled. Someone is not able to meet his or her needs if at all he or she was not able to meet the hygiene needs.Therefore hygiene needs are refered to the primary factors in the other words while mativational factors are those factors which need fulfillness of the hygiene factors so that they can exist.

How do hygiene factors influence employees?

When these factors are poor, work is dissatisfying and employees are not motivated. However, having positive hygiene factors does not cause employees to be motivated; it simply keeps them from being dissatisfied.

What are the factors to consider personal hygiene?

your health and your body

One of Herzberg's hygiene factors is what?

the work itself

One of herzberg's hygiene factors is?

The work itself.

Which factors might not be significant in the UK?

oral hygiene

What are hygiene factors in motivation?

Hygiene factors include willingness to supervise; positive working conditions; interpersonal relations with peers, subordinates, and superiors; status; job security; and salary.

What are the factors that tooth development?

Mostly diet and dental hygiene.

Why is person hygiene good when cooking?

Personal hygiene is imperative when cooking. This helps prevent foodborne illness and similar factors.

What are 5 factors affecting personal hygiene?

Washing your hand to get gems

Distinguish between motivators and hygiene factor?

Hygiene factors can be a motivator but not necessarily the opposite. Someone might be motivated to be clean to date for example.

What can your community do to reduce pollution?

Type your answer here... what are factors affecting personal hygiene?

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