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Well as my intellecutual brain is feeding upon my typing i think that the disadvanteges of fireworks is the actual program itself. it is very hard to operate and its very confusing ***** ******* ** * **** * ** **** **** * ** ** ********** ******* * **** * ** **** **** ******* ***** ******* ** * **** ******* ** **** * ** ****

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Q: What are the disadvantages of Adobe Fireworks?
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Advantages and disadvantages of Adobe fireworks?

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What is Adobe Fireworks?

Adobe Fireworks is a Vector Graphics tool.

Is Adobe Fireworks or Adobe Photoshop better?

Adobe Photoshop is better for editing photos, naturally. Adobe Fireworks is better for graphic design such as logos.

What is Adobe fireworks 8?

Adobe fireworks 8 is one of the edition of fireworks software which is one of the best web design software for making creative design.

Is Adobe Fireworks compatible with ubuntu?

There is no Linux version of Adobe Fireworks. However, you can run the Windows version on Linux if you have Wine installed.

Where can you buy adobe fireworks and flash?

What type of program is Adobe Fireworks?

It is a vector graphics editor for web designers. Since 2013, Adobe has discontinued this program. You can find alternatives to Adobe Fireworks on the site called

How do you animate a skin for Bebo?

You can use the program Adobe Fireworks

Who created adobe fireworks?

Adobe Fireworks, the graphics editing program for web designers, was created by a team of engineers at Adobe. No one person gets the credit for creating it by him/herself, although the team leaders are credited within the software itself.

What are the advantages of Adobe Flash?

There are no disadvantages.

Can some one briefly explain the similarities and differences of Adobe Fireworks and adobe flash?

Both Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Flash are Adobe programs with similar authoring tools. They are both commonly used for creating images and animations for the web. While Adobe Fireworks is a raster- and vector-based image editor with limited animation capabilities, Adobe Flash is designed for animating and also has support for interactive animations through the use of Actionscript. Adobe Flash cannot edit images (except for simple scaling and perspective changes), but it does have the ability to incorporate images within its own file format.

Adobe photoshop advantages and disadvantages?


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Advantages and disadvantages of Adobe fireworks?

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