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0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude.

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Q: What are the coordinates of the absolute location where the equator and the prime meridian meet?
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What is the absolute location of Madagascar?

The absolute location of Madagascar is 18˚ South of the Equator and 46˚ East of the Prime Meridian.

How are the Prime Meridian and Equator used to give absolute location?

The Prime Meridian and Equator is but the beginning points. Longitude lines runs from pole to pole. Latitude lines runs horizontally from the equator, northwards and southwards.

What is the absolute Location of San Jose Costa Rica?

10° North of the equator and 84° West of the Prime Meridian.

Does lines of meridian help us determine absolute location?

Yes, they help, but you need more. You also need a 'latitude' ... the distance of the location north or south of the equator.

What are the coordinates of the equator and prime meridian?

The equator is the collection of points that have zero latitude and every longitude. The Prime Meridian is the collection of points that have zero longitude and every latitude.

Explain the location of India in reference equator and prime meridian?

with respect to equator India is located north of the equator,hence in the northern hemisphere and prime meridian.

Where is Ca located in relative to the prime meridian and the equator?

The coordinates for California (CA) is latitude 36.7783° N (North of the Equator), longitude 119.4179° W (West of the Prime Meridian).

The absolute location of the equator?

at 0o Laditude

What does it mean to say your location is 52 degrees south and 143 degrees west?

It is your location coordinates on Earth. You are 52 degrees south of the equator and 143 degrees west of the prime meridian. That particular location is in the south of the Pacific Ocean.

How are the Prime Meridian and Equator alike?

They are the two points of origin for coordinates to locate a specific point on the earth.The Prime Meridian is zero degrees longitude and the Equator is zero degree latitude

What is the relative location of Washington dc in relation to the equator and the prime meridian?

39 degrees north of the Equator, 77 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Where is the location in Maine?

It is west of the prime meridian and north of the equator. :D

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