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Both devices are safety measures for the electrical circuit. The home fuse is a glass affair with a burnable core. If the core melts, the circuit opens. The circuit breaker does the same thing, but is a "reset" device, meaning that it can be used over and over again. The fuse is replaceable, but not "reset-able." Both systems are used in modern homes, but the fuse system is being replaced by the circuit breaker system.

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2009-11-11 01:12:18
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Q: Tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse?
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How can you tell if a home fuse is open?

Usually there will be lights or equipment in the house that will not operate. If all of the branch circuit breakers or fuses have not tripped or blown the only conclusion left is that the main breaker or fuse has tripped or blown.

How does a fuse differ from a circuit breaker?

A fuse must be replaced if blown, a circuit breaker can be reset.

Why will my Kitchen Aid oven will not turn on?

If it's an electric oven, the fuse may have blown, or the circuit breaker may have tripped. Do you know where your household fusebox/ breaker box is?

How the circuit breaker differ in its function from combination switch fuse unit?

The function is the same in that they both are designed to remove an over current situation by opening the circuit. A tripped breaker can just be reset. A blown fuse needs to be replaced.

How does a fuse differ from a breaker?

A fuse must be replaced if blown, a circuit breaker can be reset.

How do you reset the circuit breaker on the cigarette lighter on a 63 ford falcon?

It does not have a circuit breaker. It uses a fuse to protect the circuit. Look for a blown fuse in the fuse panel under the dash on the drivers side.I believe the cigarette lighter circuit is protected with a glass barrel fuse not a circuit breaker. Check the fuse box for a blown fuse.

How do you find a tripped circuit?

it will be dead when others are not there is usually some way to see that the breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown another reason fuses are safer sometimes with circuit breakers its hard to tell a tripped one from one that has been turned off

Why does your electricity go out in one room?

Because you have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. This is caused by a) too much equipment plugged into a single circuit, or b) faulty equipment causing a short circuit.

What causes the power to go off in a house?

Usually it is because a breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown.

How do you replace a blown fuse in a circuit breaker?

A fuse and a breaker are two separate over current devices, independent of each other. There are no fuses in a circuit breaker.

What is a sign of a short circuit?

A common sign of a short circuit is a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Also visually seeing a burned wire and of course the smell of burned insulation all give an indication of a short circuit.

What would be the cause and solution of partial electricity going out if wires may have touched when fixing a closet switch?

Blown fuse or tripped breaker. Replace the fuse or reset the breaker.

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