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Q: The television set in your living room runs on?
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The television set in your living room runs on current?

In the United States 120 volts at 60 cycles.

The television set in your living room runs on------current?

electric current; AC current (alternating current); usually on 220V or 110V current.

The television in your living room runs on what current?

A thin TV runs on DC, an older vacuum tube set would run on a mix of AC and DC, and they both get their power from an AC socket in the wall.

What kind of current does the television set in your living room run on?


Size of tv for living room.?

Yes, a 42 inch Sony plasma television set might be too big for a small living room area. It might generate too much heat in the summertime, and a plasma TV needs some distance away from where you are seated to look good.

What is the best TV set for a small sized living room?

The TV's they make today can be as thin as an inch thick, so they don't take up valuable space in your living room and they can also be mounted to the wall by a fixed wall mount. When purchasing a TV for your room follow the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds means the distance you sit from your television should be three times the diagonal screen size.

Is the icarly living room set the same living room set that was used on friends?

No they are two different sets

Which sofas are improve your living room?

leather sofa set improve your living room.

Can bed bugs live in a TV or Dinning room set?


Why is a tv set a non-living thing?

my name is shashwat

Will your digital tuner play the channels you had to have a digital cable box for?

No if you have a built-in digital tuner insisde your living room TV set, you will only receive the local CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, and FOX affiliate digital television stations.

If new tv has pcinput do you still need buy monitr?

First of all: There is no difference between a computer monitor and a TV set, besides the inputs. Everything's just a display, you decide what it displays, but you wouldn't put a 20" LCD monitor in your living room as your main TV set, and you wouldn't put a 60" Plasma-TV on your desk. And you the question is: Does the TV set itself allow switching of the inputs? If not, it can be either a TV set or a computer monitor, and switching will be a pain.

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The television set in your living room runs on current?

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