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YES. a anteater is a carnivore because carnivores eat meat/other animals and ants is a animal.

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Q: Is an anteater a carnivore
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Would an anteater be a carnivore?

No,it is a Insectivore.

Is a anteater a carnivore a herbivore or a omnivore?

An anteater is a carnivore. Ants are a form of animal life, so an animal that eats ants is eating other animals.

Is a anteater a carnivor?

An anteater is a carnivore because it eats another animal.

Is an anteater a herbivore carnivore or an omnivore?

Anteaters only eat ants, so they are carnivorous. For future referance: Herbivore= only plants Carnivore= only animals Omnivore= both plants and animals Hope it helped :)

Is a anteater a herbivore carnivore omnivore or insectivore?

Anteaters eat insects (like ants, thus the name). This makes them carnivores - specifically insectivores.

Are anteaters a part of the bear family?

No, they are related to armadillos and sloths. Ever hear of Wikipedia? Geez Giant anteaters are called "ant bears", as is the aardvark. No, anteaters are not really bears. "Anteater" refers to anteaters, aardvarks (ant bear, anteater, earth hog, earth pig)(related to the shrew, tenrec, hyrax, opossum), numbats (banded anteater)(a marsupial), echidna (spiny anteater)(a monotreme), and pangolin (scaly anteater)(not a reptile, they are mammals in the carnivore family and the scales are like fingernails or rhino horns). The closest cousin to the anteater is the sloth.

Is an anteater a marsupial?

It depends on what you mean by anteater. The banded anteater, or numbat, is a marsupial, but normally, "anteater" refers to the giant anteater, which is not a marsupial.

Who Would Win A Anteater Or An Ocelot?

Depends, If The Anteater Is A Small, Regular One Like A Tamunda. Then, The Ocelot. But If The Anteater Was A Giant Anteater. Then, The Anteater.

What is the possessive form of anteater?

The possessive form for the noun anteater is anteater's.

Is a anteater a herbivore?

A anteater is a a consumer

How do you say Anteater in Spanish?


Is an anteater a detritivore?

No, an anteater is an insectivore -- it's right there in the name

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