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It can draw a line about 35 miles.

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Q: How much could you write with a lead pencil?
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Why can you write better with mechanical pencil?

the mechanical pencil will write better because it has a skinnier lead, so the pencil doesn't go flat if you write too much on one side. the lead also still graphite, but has special substances in it to help you write better. Still, if your pencil is certified HB#2, it can be used on Scantron Genuine Forms and State tests.

How much lead is in a pencil?

you dont get lead pencils anymore

What is better a mechanical pencil or a normal wood pencil?

Of course, a mechanical pencil is better because it has a skinnier lead tip so it makes it much easier to write. Wood pencils have larger, wider tips which wear down easily if you tend to write on a slant. Plus, mechanical pencils last much longer as long as you have lead with you for refills.

Which last longer colored pencil or regular pencil?

It depends on how long the pencil is, how much you write, and if the pencil breaks a lot or not. If it's a long pencil, it'll last a while unless you write a lot or it breaks.

How much does a lead pencil weigh?

1 gram. Not in ounces

Why does pencil float?

The main body of the pencil is made from soft wood which is naturally boyant, the pencil 'lead' is not lead at all but a much lighter substance called graphite. Your pencil is just not heavy enough to sink.

How many cubic inches of lead in a pencil?

None. It is graphite not lead in a pencil. How much graphite in a pencil? About 2/3 cubic inch (=6" x pi * (3/16)^2)

How much does a pencil weigh in metric?

A standard pencil weighs between six and eight grams. The exact of the pencil usually depends with the type of the pencil and the lead that has been used.

How do you play true love the paper and pencil game?

childrens was like pencil very much because they want to write very much

What happens if you eat a piece of pencil lead?

not much, it wont poison you or anything

How much lead would be contained in a cup of pencil shavings?

None. There is no lead in pencils. What is commonly called lead is actually graphite.

For exercises 46 and 47 write a fraction to describe how much pencil is left compared to a new pencil measure from the left edge of the eraser to the point of the pencil?


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