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Really, Trees, both leafy and otherwise, reflect sunshine in very particular patterns, making it possible for satellites to map and computers to count strips of land where trees are. Biologists can then sample those places - forests, suburbs, city parks, even city streets - assume a tree density, multiply by acre or hectare, and calculate that. In 2005, there were 400,246,300,201 (more or less) trees on our globe. (That's over 400 billion, for those of you who have trouble working through the commas.) ***EDIT*** - Strange, 400 billion trees only averages out to 60 trees to every 1 human being? Most scientist agree that the data needed to complete the complex mathematics required to accurately approximate the number of trees on the planet Earth simply does not exist. The truth is, we have no idea. Estimates have ranged from anywhere between 1 to 10 trillion trees currently inhabit the surface of the Earth (a considerably noticeable gap can easily be observed between these two figures lol). The number you quoted above (400,246,300,201) was a study funded by an extremely liberal organization which went on to claim (outrageously) that over 50% of the trees on the planet Earth have been harvested/destroyed by human beings. If this were true, the entire human population would have been swept away in an enormous fresh water flood and any remaining survivors would eventually die from starvation, soil degradation/poisoning and/or extreme atmospheric deterioration. I'll let the rest of you decide what you CHOOSE to believe.

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Q: How many trees are there on earth?
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