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Depends on the tray and the size of the cubes.

Can't really answer without more specifics.


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Q: How many cups of ice are in tray of ice cubes?
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How many cups of ice in an ice cube tray?

The question was not how many cubes are in a tray but how many cups of ice were in a tray. An average ice tray equals about two cups of ice

Why do the ice cubes crumble when you empty the tray?

Ice cubes crumble when you empty the tray because they have stuck to the surface. This causes the ice crystals to shatter when they are forcefully removed.

What is the collective noun for ice cubes?

Some collective nouns for ice cubes are a tray, a bin, or a bag.

How many cups are in one pound of ice?

Depends on the size of the cubes.

How do you make ice cubes with what materials?

Water, an ice cube tray and a freezer.

What is the temperature of a tray of ice cubes?

It doesn't necessarily have an exact temperature, but for the ice cubes to be ice, It must be below 32*F or 0*C.

How do you turn a block of ice into cubes without breaking it?

Melt the block, fill an ice cube tray with the water then freeze the ice cube tray.

What is the purpose of a pill tray?

I use mine to freeze ice cubes

A cube is a container that holds liquids?

An example of a cube that can hold liquid is an ice tray. An ice tray is made up of several cubes. Water is poured into these cubes then frozen to help cool drinks.

How many measuring cups are in an standard ice cube tray?

There is no such thing as a "standard ice cube tray" -I have seen many different ones. Please use proper measures.

The heat energy required to melt 1.00 g of ice at 0 is 333 J If one ice cube has a mass of 62.0 g and a tray contains 16 ice cubes what quantity of energy is required to melt a tray of ice cubes?


Can you make sprite ice cubes?

Yes, by putting sprite in an ice cube tray and freezing themm..

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