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it decreases stroke volume.its obvious!

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Q: How does acetylcholine affect stroke volume?
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How does tachycardia affect stroke volume and cardiac output?

Lowers stroke volume

How would a decrease in blood volume affect both stroke volume and cardiac output?

decreased stroke volume and no change in cardiac output

What are the factors that affect stroke volume?

high blood pressure

What factor of stroke volume affects hypertension?

End diastolic volume decreases which in turn affect stoke volume since sv=edv-esv

How does afterload affect the stroke volume?

Afterload refers to the pressure that the ventricles must overcome in order to eject blood. Hypertension increases the afterload, causing the end systolic volume to increase. The stroke volume will hence decrease.

What is a common effect of hypertension on stroke volume?

It decreases stroke volume

What is the formula to get stroke volume?

stroke volume =end diastolic volume - end of systalic volume. But how to measure these volume i don't know?

Does stroke volume increase if end diastolic volume decrease?

false, stroke volume decreases if the end volume decreases.

Which muscle contraction does acetylcholine and norepinephrine affect?

Acetylcholine and norepinephrine both affect smooth muscle contraction. They stimulate contraction in some muscles and inhibits contraction in others.

Both acetylcholine and norepinephrine can affect?

Smooth Muscle Cells

How does acetylcholine affect a black widow spider bite?


What is the stroke volume of an average person at rest?

stroke volume of an everage person at rest is 70-80ml stroke volume of an everage person at rest is 70-80ml

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