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Use two three way switches. Hot feed comes to one switch. Wire to light goes from other switch. Two travelers (same size wire as other wires) are needed between the two switches.

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Q: How do you wire a light with two switches?
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Wire a three-way switch One light controlled by two switches- similar to a hall ligt. SPDT switches?

yes like a hall light.

Can dimmer switches be used with 3 way switches?

Yes. Instead of sending the hot wire straight from one of the three way switches to the light, put a dimmer switch on the hot wire to control the light.

How do you wire a 4 bulb fluorescent light on 2 separate switches?

That will only work if there are two ballasts in the unit.

How do you wire 2 switches to same lights?

This is done using two two-way switches, switches with two switching position. The input live wire from the circuit breaker goes to the middle point of one switch. The output live wire to the light is connected to the middle point of the second switch. The two remaining points from one switch are then connected to the two remaining points on the other switch. The neutral from the light goes straight to the neutral bar in the Distribution Board.

What type switches and how many of each would be need to control a light from 4 places?

You will need two 3/way switches and two 4/way (Intermediate) switches. Click the link to see a video of exactly how to wire such a circuit.

How do you wire two switches from one power source?

Pig tail with a wire nut, the "hot" wire with two 6" lengths of wire. Install these two wires, one into the top of each switch. Into the bottom of the switches insert the circuit load wire to the two separate circuits.

How do you hook up one light and two switches?

You can put both of the switches conected on the light

How do you wire 2light switchs to one light fixture?

with 2 3-way switches you need 12/2 to the light and 12/3 in between the 2 switches. you can also use 14 gauge wire

How do you wire one light to two switches so either switch can turn it on?

To help you out, it is called a three way light switch. See Related Links below.

How do you hook up a ceiling fan with two 3 way switches?

You need a wire that u can link to 3 ways then link them to 3 light switches anywhere in your house the farther the more.

How do you wire a 2 way light switch down stairs to a 1 way switch up stairs?

You don't. You use a pair of two-way switches ('three-way switches' in US/Canada).

How do you wire 2 switches to 2 light bulbs?

See view discussion below.

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