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All ultraviolet radiation has shorter wavelengths than any microwave.

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Q: How do wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation compare to microwave radiation?
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How do the wave lengths of ultraviolet radiation compare to microwave radiation?

All ultraviolet radiation has shorter wavelengths than any microwave.

Compare and contrast ultraviolet and infrared?

Ultraviolet Radiation deals with a totally different set of wavelengths and energy output than Infrared does. Also Infrared and Ultraviolet are on opposite ends in the visible light spectrum.

How does the frequency of microwave radiation compare with infrared radiation?

Microwave is lower frequency.

How do AM radio and television wavelengths compare with X rays?

All wavelengths used for communication are longer than all infrared, visible, ultraviolet, and X-ray wavelengths.

Why can we compare the ozone layer to sunscreen?

They both reduce your exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

How does the speed of visible light compare with the speed of gamma rays?

They are the same. They are all electromagnetic radiation, just different wavelengths.

How does the wavelength of waves used in microwave ovens compare with the wavelengths of waves used for radar?

Roughly within an order of magnitude or so, either way.

How do the wavelengths of the transmitted waves compare to the wavelengths of the incident wave?


How do speed of different forms of light compare?

How many different forms of light do you have ? ? The speed of all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation is the same, at least in vacuum.

Compare and contrast the properties of visible light ultraviolet light and x-rays?

Visible light, ultraviolet rays, and X-rays are all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and travel at the same speed. Humans can see visible light, but not ultraviolet rays or X-rays. Ultraviolet rays have shorter wavelengths, higher frequencies, and higher energy than visible light. X-rays have shorter wavelengths, higher frequencies, and higher energy than ultraviolet rays. This means that ultra violet and x-rays can do far more damage to our flesh than light can.

How does energy efficiency of conventional oven compare to microwave oven?

compare microwave oven to conventional oven

How do the wavelengths of television signals compare to those used for other forms of communication?

Television communication uses short wave radiation for communication. This is also used for radios. Most technology today relies on wavelengths which are overall reliable and efficient.

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