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the Rugae

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Q: Folds in the mucosa lining of the mouth and stomach are known as?
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What the folds in the mucosa lining the mouth and of the stomach are known as?


What are the folds in the stomach lining known as?


Are erosions of the tissue of the mucosa lining the stomach known as ulcers?

gastric Ulcers

Describe the inner lining of the stomach?

The inner lining of the stomach contains wrinkles known as gastric folds. These gastric folds allow the stomach to stretch to accommodate large amounts of food. There are also mucous cells and gastric pits in the inner lining that mucous to protect the stomach.

What is the membrane covering the surface of the stomaach is?

The internal lining of the stomach is known as the mucous membrane or the gastris mucosa. This lining can be described as being thick and velvet like with a soft smooth surface. When the stomach is empty or contracted this lining is floded into many folds known as rugae. The purpose of the cells in this lining is to secret digestive juices and mucus. The mucus protects the mucosa , the digestive juices contain a digestive enzyme known as pepsin. There are also parietal cells which are able to secrete hydrochloric acid which is used in the digestion of food.

What occurs when alcohol comes into contact with the mucosa that lines the stomach?

Nothing happens- alcohol is not an acid capable of eating through the mucosa. Stomach acid is, but the mucosa is constantly renewed. In some cases, the mucosa is not enough and the acid irritates the stomach lining- thats known as an ulcer.

When the bladder is empty its lining is thrown into the folds known as?

When the bladder is empty it's lining is thrown into folds called rugae. It allows the stomach and other tissues to expand when needed.

What are the folds of the stomach known as?

Rugal folds

When the bladder is empty its lining is thrown into the folds known as what?


what are the internal folds of the stomach are known as?


What are the internal folds of the stomach known as?


What is melanotic mucosa of the colon?

Melanotic mucosa of the colon means that the inner lining of the colon is dark in color. It is often a result of chronic laxative use. It's also known as melanosis coli.

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