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The South Pole is the only one of the two to have any land mass. The North Pole has no land.

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Q: Does the North or South Pole have more land mass?
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Which place has no land only ice The North Pole or the South Pole?

The North Pole is only ice, and had not land mass beneath it, the South pole has land beneath it

Is there a land mass under the south or the north pole?

There is a land mass under the South Pole, commonly known as the continent of Antarctica.

What is the differ between North Pole and south pole?

The south pole - Antarctica is a land mass. The south pole - Arctic is just ice no land.

North pole south pole can they ever be separated?

They are completely different landmasses. In fact, the North Pole is not a land mass at all. It is part of a floating ice shelf. The South Pole sits on the land mass known as Antarctica.

Where is it colder the North Pole or the South?

On average, the South pole is colder because this is located on a land mass (Antarctica) while the North Pole is located in an ocean.

What is the land around the south pole is called?

The land mass surrounding the South Pole is the continent of Antarctica.

Why is the Arctic not considered a continent?

A continent is a land mass. There is an ocean at the north pole, though most of it is frozen over. There is a large land mass at the south pole, so Antarctica is a continent.

What land mass covers the south pole?

The land mass that covers the south pole is the continent of Antarctica. It is one of the seven continents in the world.

Does the North Pole or the South Pole has no landmass?

They both have glacial land mass. Glacial land mass is essentially ice, so it can grow or shrink based on the climate cycle. The North Pole, as it is a point on the Arctic ice sheet, that floats on the Arctic Ocean. The South Pole has a landmass buried below the ice cap.

Is the temperature at the North Pole the same as the South Pole?

No. The South Pole is colder than the North Pole. this is because the South Pole sits amidst the large ice and land mass known as the Antarctic, whilst the North Pole is merely a floating ice shelf, and therefore several degrees warmer throughout the seasons.

Does South Pole have land mass?

Per se, no. The South Pole is a GPS point on the Earth known as 90 degrees S.However, the South Pole is found on the continent of Antarctica, which is a land mass.

Is there any place like the North Pole?

The South Pole has similar traits to the North Pole. However, the North Pole is completely unique in that it is located on a floating ice shelf, rather than a land mass. It cannot support life.

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