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Plastic is not one material but has become a generic term to cover all polymers some of which will break down relatively quickly, but many, especially the ones in common usage today will take tens or even hundreds of years to disintegrate. This process in resistant long lasting polymers would not be thought of as rotting such as is bought about by fungal or bacterial decay. It would be more a matter of chemical processes aided by ultra violet radiation.

No, plastic does not rot. It doesn't rot because it is not biodegradable, which means able to be broken down by bacterial or organic means. Because organics and bacteria cannot do this, plastic stays like it is just when you opened or used it for an irritating couple of centuries or so before it FINALLY starts to rot and break down.

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Q: Does plastic rot
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How long does it take plastic to rot?

It does rot as per me. I have never seen a plastic gets rot

What are biodegradable plastic?

Biodegradable plastic is plastic which can rot easily.

How many years does it take for plastic to rot?

It takes over 1000 years for a plastic bottle to rot

Does apples rot faster in a plastic bag or aluminum foil?

plastic bag

Which Fruit will rot first the one in the plastic bag or without plastic bag?

in the plastic bag first

Do bananas rot faster in plastic bags or no bags?

Ripening is due to ethylene gas and all fruits release it as they rot or ripe. If u keep them in plastic bag,gas will not escape n bananas will rot faster

Why can't plastic grocer bags be recycled?

because the bags don't rot because they are plastic

Does rubbing alcohol damage plastic?

Yes, if the plastic is left in it for long periods of time it will dry rot the plastic when it is removed from the rubbing alcohol.

Why do strawberries rot in plastic bags?

because plastic bags contain polythene and i guess it reacts with the acids in strawberries and hence rots.

Say you wanted to bury a plastic tube would it rot?

yes, in mere seconds

Do plastic lunch boxes rot?

if you don't wash it everyday, like everything else it will have bacteria growing on it...over night bacteria can grow from 1-80,000. IN 1 NIGHT! so wash the lunch box and the plastic won't rot!

What can you recycle plastic into?

Plastic is recycled into more plastic products. There are also many building materials made out of recycled plastics, these are good for outdoor use since they never rot.

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