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Yes . These all occurs at same time . But in night photosynthesis does't occurs.

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Q: Do respiration and photosynthesis occur at the same time?
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Do cellular respiration and photosynthesis occur at the same time?

Photosynthesis and respiration are reverse processes of each other , but yes, they can happen at the same time.

Could respiration and photosynthesis happen at the same time during day-time?

Yes, the processes occur constantly and simultaneously.

Is it possible for a plant to do photosynthesis and respiration at the same time?

It is not only possible, but essential.

Why does photosynthesis not occur in Archaea?

at the time of evolution of archea free oxygen was not present thats why photosynthesis was not possible.But they use H2S gas for photosynthesis;as a result free sulphur is formed which is use by them in respiration

When does plant respiration occur?

During the day, or any time there is usable radiation energy available to drive the process of photosynthesis in the plant.

Do plants only carry out photosynthesis during the day and respiration only at night?

no they do them both at the same time

Does photosynthesis and cellular respiration occur during the day?

Photosynthesis can only occur at a time when there is plenty of light for the plant so plants photosynthesise at day time or under a bright light. Plants are therefore unable to photosynthesise in the dark or when enough water is not available. However respiration occurs all the time in animals as well as plants and is a process in which energy is released from glucose.

Out of photosynthesis and respiration in plants which process occurs 1 all the time 2 only at daytime?

Photosynthesis requires light, so it will only occur during daylight hours. Respiration is a process necessary for the production of ATP, which is the molecule that carries energy to reactions in the cell that require it. These reactions occur both at night and during daylight hours, so respiration must take place all the time.

When do respiration and photosynthesis take place?

respiration takes place at all the time but photosynthesis takes place only in the presence of sunlight i.e. only at day time

What time does a plant stop both respiration and photosynthesis?

when it dies

When does respiration occur in the body?

all the time.

Does any transpiration occur during photosynthesis?

They are separate processes. So it can be occured

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