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Yes you can swim inside during a thunder storm

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Q: Can you swim inside during a thunder storm?
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Can you swim during a lighting storm in an inside pool?

no you can not

Is it dangerous to swim in a thunder storm?


Can you swim during a thunder storm?

You can but you shouldnt or else you will be fried fish if lightning strikes the water

Can a person swim while it is raining?

If the storm includes thunder and lightening, it is not advised.

Your outside pool is surrounded by tall buildings Is it safe to swim during a storm?

not very safe and besides, who wants to swim during a bad bstorm anyway? not very safe and besides, who wants to swim during a bad storm anyway?

Can you swim during a lightning storm in an outdoor pool?

It's not safe to be in or around a body of water during a lightning storm.

Can you swim with sun in in your hair?

No. If you try to swim when the sun is out you will drown. You have to wait until night, or during a storm.

Why is it not a good idea to swim during a rainstorm?

because if it starts to thunder, you also get lightning, and then you could get electricuted. =]

Why is an electrical storm dangerous?

Assuming that you mean a thunder and lightning storm, it is dangerous to swim because water is a conductor to electricity similarly to metal. If the storm is close, meaning you can see the lightning, you should get out of the pool immediately because it is possible that lightning will strike the pool.

Why is it not safe to swim in a pool during a storm?

its not safe because if lightning strikes the pool then you will get electrocuted and die

If your engine stops while you are trying to reach the shore during a storm what should you do on the boat?

swim for shore

Is safe to swim in your pool during a lightning storm?

Yes it is completely safe, scientists have tested it many times.

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