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1. Cut a carrot 2 inches below its leaves. You can also use the full carrot.

2. In a pot, fill 2/3 with the pebbles, add the carrot, then fill around the carrot, making sure the carrot tip is exposed.

3. Add enough water to the level of the pebbles. Maintain water level at all times.

4. After the roots are exposed and the top leaves have grown, transfer to the soil. Dig a hole long enough to fit the full carrot of carrot piece. Keep the tip above the soil.

5. Water as necessary; In 3-6 weeks, you should have new carrots.

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Q: Can you grow carrots from carrot tops?
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Yes, chickens can indeed eat the tops of carrots. Carrots and carrot tops are not toxic to this animal and can be safely consumed.

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Carrots grow in many countries, but they also grow in the United States.

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carrots grow by planting seeds and then they grow

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The carrots that we eat are the roots of the carrot plant and grow under the ground. Yes.

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how many days it take to germinate carrot leaves in water using carrot tops

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