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yes and vice versa

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Q: Can you convert a propane engine to gasoline?
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How to convert propane engine to a gasoline engine?

To convert propane engine to a gasoline engine, you will have to buy the conversion kits. The conversion kits usually come along with the instructional booklets.

How to convert gasoline generator to propane?

how to convert gasoline generator to propane

Can you convert a gasoline fuel injected engine to propane?

Yes. I have a 1995 4.6 litre crown Victoria that was originally fuel injected. It is now a propane only car and seems to be running fine.

Can you convert a petrol jaguar engine to a diesel engine car?

No, you cannot convert a gasoline engine to a diesel engine.

Is propane gasoline?

No. Propane is a gas under normal pressure and temperature conditions while gasoline is liquid. Gasoline consists of larger hydrocarbons than propane, chiefly octane and its isomers.

Can a 2000 Dakota 4-cylinder be converted to run on propane If so where can you get the parts?

any gasoline engine will run on either natural gas or propane ( LPG )

Gasoline engine convert chemical energy into kinetic energy. true or false?

A gasoline engine converts chemical energy into mechanical energy.

What is the usefulness of propane conversion kits?

Propane and LPG conversion kits can convert your gasoline vehicle into a bi-fuel Beware of purchasing kits that do not meet EPA regulations for on-road use.

Can you convert a LP engine to a gasoline engine?

It should theoretically be possible. However, it would be easier and probably cheaper just to replace the engine with one designed for gasoline.

Can you use a propane tank with a liquid propane grill?

Can you put gasoline in a gasoline automobile? The propane tanks ARE liquid propane. The gas evaporates as it is released. There is no physical way to store propane as a gas, therefore, it must be stored as a liquid.

What type of fuel does a truck use?

There are diesel, gasoline, propane, and natural gas powered trucks.There are diesel, gasoline, propane, and natural gas powered trucks.

What is the octane number of propane?

Propane has an octane rating of 103-110 depending on possible impurities. While this may appear to be the ticket as a fuel for a high compression engine. Popane has a lower BTU rating than gasoline. Propane has 91,000 Btu's per U.S. gallon while gasoline has approx. 114,000 Btu's per U.S. gallon. Therefore propane has approx. 82% of the Btu's of gasoline, or less "bang for the buck". Fuel mileage with a converted gasoline to propane engine, without any internal modifications will suffer somewhat. This can be offset partially by raising the compression ratio to 12-13 to 1. One of the great advantages of propane is it can be stored for a much greater length of time than gasoline. Sorry for the lengthy response.

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