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Go to They will have the diagram you need for free..

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โˆ™ 2009-11-23 03:38:44
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Q: Wire color codes for 2007 ford radio?
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What color is the negative wire

What is the Lincoln Town Car radio wiring color codes?

I need the color diagram for which wire is which on the radio for a 2010100 lincoln towncar

What are the 2002 Pontiac grand prix radio wire color codes?

The Pontiac Grand Prix goes by the GM Factory Wire Harness Color Codes.

What are the Color Codes of the speaker wires for radio on 89 dodge dynasty?

Every wire behind the radio is seperately labeled as to where it goes.

What is radio wire harness color codes for 1992 explorer?

go to www.installdr.comim sure they have the diagram your looking for

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What is dual CD player wire color codes?

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There are for stereo wiring color codes. The red wire is the positive wire. The black wire is a ground wire. The green wire is the speaker wire. The white wire is the auxiliary wire.

What color wire is for radio power in your 19 78 camaro?

Don't know the color of the wire but you will just have to use a test light to see what wire is hot to the radio.

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