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the longest bar

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Q: Why does xylophone long bar make a low pitch?
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What bar on the xylophone produces the highest pitch?

the smallest bar produces the highest pitch because the biggest bar has the lowest pitch and it produces energy

Why does a long bar make a low pitch?

Because the smaller the size the higher the pitch and the bigger the bar the lower the pitch.

Why do the bars on a xylophone make a different sounds?

Each bar is a different size, producing a higher pitch as they get smaller.

Relation of xylophone bars length to pitch?

The pitch of each bar is not only determined by the length, but also the thickness and density. The width does not matter. From what I found out, the longer, thinner, and denser the bar, the higher the pitch. The shorter, thicker, and less dense the bar, the lower the pitch.

Is the pitch of a note a linear function of the length of the bar?

It's not clear what bar you're referring to. The "measure" in music is often colloquiallyreferred to as a "bar", but that clearly has nothing to do with the pitch of the notesin it.-- The only reasonable one I can think of is the bar of metal you tap with a hammer toproduce a tone. In that case, as long as the cross-section and the material compositionof the bar don't change, the pitch of the note you get out of it is inversely proportional to the length of the bar.-- How about the bars on a xylophone, marimba, kalimba, vibraphone, etc. The above comments apply.-- The pitch of the notes has no connection to the size of the drinking establishment in whichthey are played or sung.---------------The paper given by the attached link claims that a bar in a xylophone produces a collection of frequencies that are inversely proportional to the square of the length of the bar.

Which size bars produce a low pitched sound in a xylophone?

The biggest bar on the xylophone is the lowest sound.

How are different notes played on a xylophone?

A xylophone is made up of wooden bars, where each bar is tuned to a different note. It's played by striking the bar with a mallet or stick.

How does the xylophone work?

The xylophone is a percussion instrument. The sound is produced by striking the metal bars with a mallet. The length of the bar directly corresponds with the sound that is produced when each bar vibrates after being struck.

What purpose do the tubes located under each bar of a xylophone serve?


What is a xylophone-like instrument with tubular resonators under each bar?


When does the xylophone come in in symphony 5 shostakovich?

The xylophone comes in during the first movement development section at two measures after rehearsal #29 (bar 204) according to the 2007 score from DSCH Publishers.

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