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Also a very good discussion forum on Sunshine plus one of the original band member's input here: answer to what move used song called sunshine on my shoulder/

it was called sunshine , back in 1973 about a woman dying of cancer, and a little girl. i have been looking for this movie for so many years. can;'t find it anywhere. a real tear jerker. Kate Hayden (Christina Raines) is a young mother who learns she has terminal cancer in her leg and must have it removed or die. She decides she cannot live without her leg and refuses to have it removed. As she is dying, she leaves words of wisdom for her young daughter on a cassette recorder so her daughter wont forget her. Her husband, Sam (Cliff De Young) is a struggling musician who reluctantly supports her decision as he watches her deteriorate day by day.

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Q: Whats movie used John Denver's song 'Sunshine on My Shoulders'?
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The name of the movie was Sunshine, first aired in 1973, and featured John Denver's beautiful song "Sunshine On My Shoulders. As a kid I watched that movie and cried at the end. Much later I had read an interview with Denver and that movie had meant a lot to his mother, she had lost a sister to cancer. This movie starred a young Cliff DeYoung and Christina Raines and was supposed to be based on a true story, the movie was placed in Washington state.

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