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It is a $500 fine for parking and a handicap space if you are not handicap

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Q: What is the fine for parking in a handicap space if you are not handicap?
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Cost of fine for parking in handicap spot in Texas?

In Amarillo Texas the fine is 507.00 for the first offense. This includes parking in the space and parking in the striped area next to a Handicap parking space.

What is the fine for parking illegally in handicap space in California?

If you get caught in California you will eat a big D

What is the fine for parking in a handicap space if you are not handicap in Washington state?

It is $250.00 in WA Statewide, but additional court costs may be added. In Benton County, the fine is $450.00, as $200 fee is added by the District Court.

How much does a handicap parking space cost?

nothing if u don't have a handicap sign up

How many points do you get for illegally parking in a handicap space?


What determines if a parking space is handicap?

It being marked and designated as such.

Size of handicap parking space?

96 inches wide

What is the fine for parking handicap zone ma?

some areas $100.

Does a handicap parking ticket go on your driving record?

Generally, a ticket from a parking in a handicapped parking space will not go on a traffic record. However, failure to pay the fine may result in driving privileges to be suspended.

Do you need a Handicap Placard to park in a Reserve Parking Only space?

Reserve Parking Only is a designation for a parking place that requires a special permit. A Handicap placard will not suffice.

How much is a handicap parking ticket in Montgomery county Maryland?

$250.00 Fine

What are the penalties for parking in a handicap vehicle space in NYC?

In New York City, parking in a handicapped vehicle space is penalized with a $180 fine. This cost also will include a $30 New York State Ciminal Justice surcarge.

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