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an organ is huge but not part of the orchestra is you want one in the orchestra then the piano

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What did archaeologists discover in China and consider them to be the oldest playable musical instruments

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Q: What is the biggest instrument you can play sitting down?
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Why play the sitar sitting down?

A sitar is a very heavy instrument and would be harder to play standing upright.

What stringed instrument do you play by sitting down and placing it between the legs?

i believe it is called the Crotch-Rocket

What is a didgery doo?

Its an instrument. They are like long and cylindrical and are well known in tribal groups of Africa. You play them sitting down and if you don't play it correctly it makes a horrid screeching sound.

What instrument requires you to sit down to play?


What string instrument do you have to sit down to play?


What instrument did Ralph Vaughan Williams play or did he play an instrument?

no he did not play an instrument he had a girlfriend that did though

Which instrument is the biggest member of the string family?

well the bass is the biggest one that you hold but the piano and organ are the biggest ones you dont. they acually have little hammers inside that hit the string as you play a key

What is the Biggest instrument of the string family?

The largest instrument in the string family is the double-bass. it looks like a cello but you play it standing-up because of it's large size.

How do you play can can on trombone?

You Can Do the Can Can sitting on the Can Can doing all you Can Can Sitting on the Can Can.And That's how you play The Can Can on The Trombone.(Sitting on the Can Can)

How do you play the instrument angklung?

how do you play the instrument angklung

What instrument does 50cent play?

what instrument does 50cent play

What musical instrument did Selena play?

she doesn't play an instrument

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