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The Concertmaster usually plays the violin when you are in orchestra. In band, it's usually Oboe, Clarinet, or Flute.
The leader of an orchestra plays the violin and sits at the front of the first violins, top right.

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2017-01-24 21:16:12
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Q: What instrument does the concertmaster of an orchestra play?
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What instrument does a concertmaster of an orchestra play?

The orchestra's concertmaster is the principal (1st chair) violin.

Which instrument does the leader of an orchesta play?

The first chair of the first violin section is called the concertmaster or concertmistress. They are considered to be the leader of the orchestra. The conductor can play any instrument.

Which instrument does a orchestra tune too?

A standard symphony orchestra can tune to three different members: the principal oboe, the concertmaster, or the solo pianist. The oboist is used to tune whenever there is an oboe in the orchestra, the concertmaster is used whenever there isn't an oboe, and the pianist/keyboardist will play the tuning note if he or she is the soloist for the evening.

The principal first violin in a orchestra?


Who is the leader of the orchestra?

The leader Of the orchestra can be the Conductor or the first violinist, called the "Concertmaster."

Who is the chief of the orchestra?

The conductor. The second in command is the orchestra's concertmaster, usually its first violinist.

Who is the lead violinist in an orchestra?

The person in that position is known as the concertmaster.

What were the names of the orchestra members and what instrument did they play?

That depends entirely on which orchestra is in question.

What is the first violinist called in an orchestra?

The first violinist is called the Concertmaster or leader.

Who leads the orchestra?

The leader of the orchestra is the principle first violin Actually, it depends on what you mean. The principle violin player is (normally) the concertmaster, but he does not conduct the orchestra normally.

Which woodwind instrument does not always play in an orchestral?

the woodwind instrument smells and the instrument that does not play in the orchestra is piano drums guitar violin and harp

Was Oliver Colbentson ever the concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City?

From age 26 to 30 he was Concertmaster of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, also traveling annually on concert tours of Europe. The link below will be of interest to you.

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