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Any genre you wish it to fall into. It has been used to play pretty much every type of music there is.

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Q: What genre of music does the ukulele fit into?
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What type of music genre is the ukulele most used in?

Originally it would be found in Hawaiian music. However it has become a popular instrument and can be found in pretty much any genre.

What type of music genre is ukulele most used in?

In today's music it can be found across many genre's. It is prevalent in folk songs, particularly Hawaiian, country, reggae and is found in rock as well.

What genre of music does the band Depeche Mode sing?

The genre of music the band Depeche Mode sings is rock/alternative. They have their own unique style of music that fit perfectly in with the 80s genre.

What genre of music can you play with an ukulele?

Any kind that you want to! The ukulele is currently found in all sorts of popular music, jazz, country, bluegrass, Hawaiian and folk music. Want a great version of Bohemian Rhapsody? Look up Jake Shimabakuro. How about the theme song from 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly' by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

What is ukulele music?

Anything that is played on a ukulele is ukulele music. And the instrument is extremely versatile. Just about anything that can be played on a banjo or guitar can be easily adapted to the ukulele.

Where can you get free printable sheet music for ukuleles?

There are dozens of sites with lots of choices in music. Ukulele Underground, Ukulele Hunt and Chordie are all sites with lots of ukulele music for no charge.

What is the use of ukulele?

It makes music and music is great.

What does identifying the genre mean?

It means identifying which genre your music or writing would fit into. Click the links to see what genres are available to choose from!

What genre does the beetles music fit into?

The BEATLES are the kings of rock and roll music along with Elvis, Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones.

Where can you find the ukulele music for Travel Song from Shrek the Musical?

Where can you find the ukulele music for Travel Song from Shrek the Musical?

What genre of music is classical music?

Classical IS the genre

What does an ukulele do?

It is a stringed instrument that makes music.

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