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Citizens Band

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Q: What does CB stand for in CB radios?
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Are cobra cb radios commonly used by commercial truck drivers?

Commercial truck drivers do commonly used CB Radios. As for Cobra CB Radios, the commonness would depend on where the professional truck is and if the Cobra CB Radios are offered and popular in that location.

Where can one find CD radios online?

CB radios and scanners are available from BestBuy. For instance, Midland CB radios cost a price of $78.98. In contrast, the Midland 40-channel CB radio costs $54.98.

Where can one find vintage CB radios for sale?

Vintage CB radios can be purchased through some antique shops. Another good way to find an old CB radio is through eBay, which features auctions and listings for all kinds of radios, old and new alike.

Is it true that cb radios are going to stop being made?


Can a cb radio connect to a 2 way radio?

A CB radio is a two-way radio. The radio transmits directly to another radio, and receives transmissions directly from other radios, and it's all done on the same frequency. While this is often erroneously referred to as simplex transmission, it is actually what's know as half duplex transmission. CB radios can only communicate with other radios which are on the same bandwidth. Hence, the receiving radio must also be a CB radio. There are base station, permanent mobile mount, and handheld CB radios available. They cannot communicate with 10/15/2 metre etc. ham radios, they cannot communicate with FRS, GMRS, etc. radios - they can only communicate with other CB radios.

What types of emergency radios are there?

There are many types of emergency radios available. Some of the types of radio available include Ham radio, AM radios, FM radios, CB radios and walkie talkies.

How many watts is a 200 cobra cb radio?

Four watts out of the box, which is the legal limit set for CB radios by the FCC.

What is a bilinear amplifier?

it amplifies both the incomeing and outgoing signals on CB radios

Does CB radio can communicate with two way radio?

CB radio is a two-way radio. They can communicate only with radios which use CB frequencies - they can't communicate with Business Radio, Family Radio Service,, Ham, General Mobile Radio Service, etc. radios.

Do people still use cb radio?

Yes, many people in the word still use a CB radio. Truck drivers use CB radios each day.

Is liners legal for cb radios?

In the US at least, no, linear amps are not legal for use on CB radios. The maximum wattage permitted for AM transmission is four watts, and the maximum wattage permitted for Single Sideband is 12 watts.

What company is the leader in making the CB radio?

Cobra Electronics is currently the leader in manufacturers who make CB radios. You can visit their website at .

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