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Motown is a record label, not a group. Motown is now Motown Universal, but I suspect you're asking about Motown Classic. Motown Classic produced artists such as The Temptations, The Jackson 5, Rick James, Gladys Knight and the Pipps, Martha and the Vandellas, Aretha Franklin, The Four tops, The Commodores, etc. In the event that you do not know who these artists are, I suggest going to the Classic Motown website, and then downloading at least 3 tracks from each artist.

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The black soul anthem Say It Loud you are Black and you are Proud was written by which of the following artists

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Q: What are some songs made by Motown?
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Who wrote the Jackson 5 songs?


How many songs did Motown make?

Unfortunately there is no specific number found anywhere online about how many songs Motown sang or recorded. However Motown had an extraordinary house band called the Funk Brothers

Who wrote the Jackson 5's songs?


Who made Motown?

Berry Gordy created Motown records.

What songs did the Jackson 5 write?

The Jackson 5 did not write their own songs, they were all written by people at Motown.

Motown songs starting with the letter ' m '?

My Girl, by the Jackson 5 is one . . .

What Motown songs did the rolling stones cover?

aint too proud to beg

What type of songs are considered Motown music?

Motown music is music that originated when the industry began the role of racial integration with music. The majority of Motown music is Blues based but Motown is actually a recording label and they produce a wide range of music varieties.

How many hit songs did Motown have in 1961-1971?

I think it was lke 16? Or smt

What are some of the songs that are considered to be Motown classics?

Here is a list of 5 songs from the Motown top 100 classic list. 1. I heard it through the grapevine - Marvin Gaye 2. My girl - Temptations 3. Reach out i'll be there - Four Tops 4.Where did our love go? - Supremes 5. Whats going on - Marvin Gaye Basically anything by Marvin Gaye, the supremes or Jackson 5 and your in classic Motown territory.

Any Motown songs sampled by rap artists?

Try a Little Tenderness by Chris Brown

What effect did the Vietnam war have on Motown?

Sad songs from lost brothers; e.g. Marvin Gaye.

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