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It depends on how bad you broke the law. There is many consequences for breaking the law like: Jail, community service, probation. For example if you did something bad enough to go to jail like murder someone you may be sentenced to life.

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2015-05-20 20:17:51
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Q: What are consequences for breaking the law?
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What are the consequences for breaking the law of Hammurabi?

It depends which law you broke. The laws and the punishments for breaking them were available for all to see

What are the consequences to breaking an Italian gun law?

Jail, fines.

Results of nelson Mandela broken the law?

There are consequences for breaking the law no matter who you are. When Nelson Mandela broke the law he was sent to prison.

What are the consequences for a organisation breaking laws and codes?

what would happen if aorganistion breaks the law codes

Is spam legal?

In a growing number of countries, no, spam is illegal and consequences can be severe if (and when) one is caught breaking the law.

Why is the Constitution the ''supreme law of the land''?

The United States Constitution is considered the Law of the Land because it established the laws. With an established code of laws there were consequences and repercussions for breaking laws.

Examples of law of unintended consequences in software engineering?

what is the law of unintended consequences in software

What are the consequences upon breaking the culture of Indian?


When was Breaking the Law created?

Breaking the Law was created in 1980-01.

How can an individual reduce lawlessness in the society?

Obeying order, applying of law by government, observation all institute, openness of law.

What is the consequences of breaking workplaces health and safety laws?


If law is dishonestly administered what are the consequences?

If you ever break a law, you are going to be willing to pay for the consequences, because you did it. For example, if you are selling drugs in school, then you are breaking the law or if you are a new driver and you are only supposed to drive with one other person in your car (and that is either one of your family), but you are driving with 3 or more friends, then you are breaking the state law. It's because if ever you will get into an accident as a new driver, you will be responsible about your other friends during the accident or you will be sue by their families. So, if you ever break the law, don't expect that someone will going to cover any charge for you.

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