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He was four or five years of age.

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Q: What age was Mozart when he started to compose his first pieces of music?
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What age was Mozart when he first started to compose?

He composed his first piece, Symphony No. 1, at eight years old.

When did Mozart compose his first opera?

when he was 17

When did wolfgang amadeus Mozart start composing?

Mozart started to compose at the age of 5. His first compositions are two minuets for piano. He composed his first symphony at age 8.

Did beethoven use classical style along with Mozart to compose his first two symphonies?

Did beethoven use classical style along with mozart to compose his first two symphonies?

What are two facts about Mozart?

Mozart started composing music pieces at the age of 5.Mozart composed his first complete symphony (Symphony in E flat) at the age of 8.

When did Mozart start his real first job?

Mozart's first "real" job, if you will, was being a composer. He was taught to compose by his father when he was five.

When did Mozart first compose the piece allegro?

Mozart composed hundreds of movements which were marked 'Allegro'. Which particular one do you mean?

At what age did Mozart compose his first minuet?

Mozart was born on the 27 January 1756 and he wrote his first minuet in 1771, so he was fifteen years old.

When did Mozart compose music?

Mozart first started to compose music when he was about 4-5 years old. His father worte them down for him. By 6 he had written a full on concerto, at 9, his first symphony, at 12, a full scale opera, Named Bastien und Bastienne. It was about the love of the tow lovers, Bastein and Bastinenne. And not to forget, he wrote this at the age of 12.

When did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart compose his first opera?

between the years 1769-73 he wrote his first Italian opera

What opera did Mozart compose in 1791?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote Die Zauberflöte, (or, the Magic Flute) in 1791. It was first played on September 30th of that same year.

Did Mozart complete his first composition until the age of 40?

On the contrary, Mozart composed his first piece of music at about age 5 or 6. There is a rumour that his first piece was "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" but he did not compose that song.

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