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he might not be. The only people who saw Jim morrisons body in that coffin was his ex wife and Doctor. First of all his wifes long gone and his doctor refuses to have interviews with people discussing Jim morrisons death. Which is odd because usually when people want to hide things they will ignore the problem. So most likely he might be still alive, but we have no clue only the real Jim Morrison is the one who can come out and say that he was never dead. If you think about it Jim really has nothing to hide at all? Other than that French Government that was after him. But other than that Jim Morrison was and still is the greatest song writer that ever lived. I honestly don't belive anyone will ever be as big as he was. The stuff he did was crazy! but really i would like to say, Jim Morrison if your still out there and alive and if your reading this i would like you to know that coming out and saying that your alive again can change the entire world again like you did in the 60's So just think about that Jim if your reading this.

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Q: Is Jim Morrison really dead
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Is Jim Morrison dead or alive?


Is Jim Morrison dead yet?

yes he died aged 27 To paraphrase the Munchkins, not only is he really dead, he's really most sincerely dead.

Address or Jim Morrison?

Jim Morrison is dead He is buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in eastern Paris

Where is Jim Morrison hiding?

He's dead

Is Van Morrison gay?

Van Morrison is dead. Does it matter? I think he was bi if it really does. You're half correct. Van Morrison is not dead. But I agree, it doesn't matter. His hit song "Domino" has some lyrics that kind of make you wonder, though. You weren't thinking of Jim Morrison were you? Jim is dead. (Unless you're one of those people who believe he faked his death). :]

Did Jim Morrison really go to film school?

Jim Morrison stuidied film at the University of California in LA.

Is Jim Morrison dead?

physically Jim Morrison is no longer with us,but his music lives,and therefore he is alive and in our hearts when we hear his music with the doors.

What are the ratings and certificates for Dead Famous - 2004 Jim Morrison 1-5?

Dead Famous - 2004 Jim Morrison 1-5 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

Is Jim Morrison in hiding?

No one can really answer this but Jim himself, are you out there Jim? not likely...he died of heart failure which can not be seen without cutting him open and they would have known if it really was Jim or not.but in my opinion he is in fact dead but im not Jim so this dude is right only Jim can honestly answer that!

What are the release dates for Dead Famous - 2004 Jim Morrison - 1.5?

Dead Famous - 2004 Jim Morrison - 1.5 was released on: UK: 13 July 2004 USA: 5 July 2005

Where was Jim Morrison from?

where is jim morrison of the doors from

Who is Jim Morrison?

Jim Morrison was the lead singer of a psycedelic rock band called "The Doors". He was known as the 'Lizard King' and had a penchant for intoxication. He is now long dead.

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