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Billie Joe Armstrong is married.

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2011-01-26 19:11:14
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Q: Is Billie Joe Armstrong married or gay?
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When did billie joe Armstrong admit that he is gay?

In an interview. But he did not say he was gay, he briefly said he was bisexual. He thinks everyone is born bi. But he does not have any relations with any men. He is married to Adrienne Armstrong(Nessar).

When will rock band green day come out?

they already did come out unless you mean gay if you mean that billie joe Armstrong is married

Are Green Day members gay?

Billie Joe is bisexual and married to his wife Adrienne

Is billie jo armstrong gay?

Billy Joe identifies as Bisexual. He also has said that he believes everyone is bisexual on some level.

Are the members of Green Day gay?

Rumors are going around that billie joe Armstrong is bi,but otherwise ,no i don't think so.

Who was gay 1996?

Well, I assume you mean who was gay and out at the time. So Melissa etheridge, Elton John, Billie Joe Armstrong [of Green Day] came out as bi,

Is billie joe from green day gay?

LOL no he has a wife and kids

Is bobbie joe armstronge gay?

No the lead singer of Green Day (Billie Joe Armstronge) is not gay. In fact, Bobbie has a son and that son is in a band of his own.

Is Louis Armstrong gay?

No. Throughout Louis Armstrong's life, he was married to Daisy Parker, Lil Hardin, Alpha Armstrong & Lucille Armstrong.

Is joe pasquali gay?

No Joe isn't gay. he's been married twice and has got 5 children.

Is Joe Biden really gay?

No, he married to woman.

Is tre cool from green day gay?

Yes and No. He's bi-sexual. As are Mike and Billie Joe but all 3 are Married with Kids. It hardly matters though as it doesn't change who he is or how talented he is.

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