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A banjo typically has four strings, and sometimes has a fifth string as well, which is plucked with the thumb. Also, there are special banjos with only three strings or as many as six strings.

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It’s 5
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Q: How many strings does a banjo have?
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How many strings does a banjo?

a modern banjo has between 3 and 12 strings

How many strings does Steve Martin's banjo have?

Steve Martin's banjo's have 5 strings

How many strings does a typical banjo have?


How many strings are there on a 5-string banjo?

Well, you've kind of answered yourself in the question. My guess is that there are 5 strings on a "5-stringed banjo".

Is a tenor banjo a banjo with 4 strings?


How do banjos with 4 strings differ from those with 6 strings?

The banjo with 4 strings is commonly used in Dixieland music. The banjo with 6 strings provides more musical options that simply can't be recreated on a banjo with 4 strings.

Where can one purchase a replacement banjo string?

Most local guitar shops would sell banjo strings and will probably fit them as well. You can also purchase banjo strings on-line from companies like Strings Direct and Amazon.

How strings does a typical banjo have?

It five have or four

How is sound produced on a banjo?

you move the strings

How did they make the first banjo?

5 strings

What is the strings of a tenor banjo called?

For an Irish Tenor Banjo the strings (From thickest to thinest) are tuned , G, D, A, E. However for a Jazz style banjo, it is more common to tune the strings to C, G, D, A. Depends which style you are playing.

What is a banjo a combination of?

A banjo is a combination of a drum and a guitar. The original African and Middle Eastern instruments from which the banjo developed were simply drums with strings pulled across them. these strings were either plucked or played with a bow.

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