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well if it is the Bose speakers which have an amplifier and it probably is than you need to buy not only the wiring harness but a 40$ cord from circuitcity they know what one and get the 17ft long one plug that into your radio and run the cord back to the amplifier which i still have not had time to look for i just found this out today because i am installing a aftermarket radio myself

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:47:14
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Q: How do you install aftermarket radio on 1990 corvette?
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How do you get my dashboard lights to work in 1990 Toyota 4runner after radio install?

You need to replace the dimmer switch in your gauge cluster. This was caused by a bad ground happens all the time.

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When was Radio Vox T created?

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How do you remove the radio in a 1990 Toyota Cessida?

Removing the radio from a 1990 Cressida is a pain, mainly because it is in three parts (radio/CD player, radio/CD player controls, and amplifier). First you remove the trim from the transmission shift area, then begin removing all the plastic items from around the radio and control strip, working your way up from the shift area. Note that you will probably not be able to replace the OEM radio --Toyota wants $2300 for one, but they don't have any. If you install an after-market replacement radio you'll have to rewire the speakers, because they are connected to the separate amplifier, located behind the radio on the firewall, which can only be controlled by the OEM system. Note also that if you install an after-market radio and you bypass the OEM radio controls (you'll have to leave them in place, or you'll have a gap in your dashboard), you'll need to be sure to reconnect the emergency flasher, which is located on the control strip. Good luck!

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