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Model names or numbers are usually stamped on the bell.

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Q: How do you find model number on Yamaha trombone?
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Where do you find the serial number on a trombone?

on bell or bottom of slide (Yamaha)

how do i find out year model on yamaha timberwolf?

how do i find out year model on yamaha timberwolf

How do you find engine size of Yamaha raptor?

The name of the quad will have a number after the model, like Yamaha Raptor 700. The number means the cc is around that number

How do you find out what model and year your 250 Yamaha dirt bike is frame number is 3RB-012812?

3RB-012812 is not a frame number for a 250 Yamaha dirt bike; it's a motor number. To find out the model year and frame, you need the frame number.

Can you find Yamaha motorcycle model with frame serial number?

A Yamaha dealer should be able to help you, I don't know how to read a frame number.

How do you find model number on Yamaha french horn?

Model numbers are often found on the leadpipe, or possibly the bell.

How do you tell the age of a Yamaha outboard motor?

Yamaha outboards use the last letter in the model number to determine the year model. This letter is referenced to a model year chart to find the year of manufacture.

Where do you find the model number and year on my Yamaha grizzly ATV?

You find it as a 17 digit number stamped into the frame on the left lower frame rail.

How do you find model year of a Yamaha phazer snowmobile?

find the VIN number on the engine or on the frame then run it through a dealer, or look it up online.

How do you find out the model and serial number of a Yamaha motorcycle?

The serial number plate is on the front of the frame below the handlebars, behind the headlight. For 16-digit serial numbers, go to the Yamaha web site. For serial numbers less than 16 digits, take the number to a Yamaha dealer and ask for a search from Yamaha Japan.

Where to find a model year chart for Yamaha outboard motors?

yamaha FL115 AET X, 68w,S

Where can you find the model number on a trumpet?

It depends on the brand. Yamaha and Bach trumpets usually have it on the lead pipe. Serial numbers are usually on the valve casing.

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