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The answer to that question is a difficult one, because Amy Lee nor Ben Moody ever admitted that they were dating, but if you watch old interviews from before he left the band, its obvious that there was defiantly something going on between them, AND, apparently during a court hearing about the old band manager Amy Lee's attorney,

" well aware that Ms.Lee was recently in a abusive relationship with Ben moody" that implies that yes, they were dating, and he was abusive ( many label this as a rumor though, so it cant be proved) also, Amy Lee was in a relationship with the lead singer of the band Seether in the early 2000's, AND she is currently married to long time friend, Josh Hartzler.

(corrected because he is not her therapist)

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Q: Did Amy lee date Ben Moody?
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Who got evanescence together?

amy lee and ben moody

Who composed evanescence?

If you mean who started the band Evanescence, the answer is Amy Lee and Ben Moody.

When Ben Moody and Amy Lee first met what was the song Amy Lee was playing on the piano?

She was playing "I'd Do Anything for Love, But I Won't Do That" by Meatloaf.

How did Amy lee become part of evancesence?

Amy and ben moody met at a music camp one summer, and started writing from there

Who invented the word evanescence?

Amy Lee and Ben Moody invented the word "evanescence" from the word "evanesce."

How did Amy Lee get haunted?

Amy Lee wrote the song Haunted based on a story Ben Moody wrote. When she read the story, she felt compelled to write a song about it.

What motivated Amy Lee in making her band?

Amy Lee and former guitarist of the band, Ben Moody formed it together. Amy was playing a song by the band Meat Loaf on the piano at a camp and Ben heard her and convinced her to start a band with him.

What did Amy lee like to do when she was young?

After meeting ben (moody) she spent most of her time with him writing and composing music.

Why is Evanescence not a Christian band?

Because Amy Lee and Ben Moody did not start the band to express their religious views.

When were the band Evanescence created?

Amy Lee and Ben Moody started the band Evanescence in 1995. They made their first EP in 1998

What is the meaning of the song Haunted by Evanescence?

Haunted is based on a story Ben Moody wrote and presented to Amy Lee to write lyrics to.

Who won the best New Artist award at The Grammys?

Evanescence (David Hodges, Amy Lee, Ben R. Moody II)

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