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Kiwis, a nickname used by Pakeha (non-Maori) New Zealanders, are named after a unique flightless bird about the size of a large chicken. The Kiwi was named by the Maori after it's call which sounds like keeee weeee. How the nickname stuck is unknown but nothing else exists like it in the world and New Zealanders like to think that we are unique. We ARE NOT named after the small brown fruit. In New Zealand they are called Kiwifruit never ever just "Kiwi" the kiwifruit was a marketing name as New Zealand was the first place where they were grown commercialy but they never got around to trademarking the name.

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Q: Why are new zealanders called kiwis?
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Why do australians call new zealanders kiwis?

Because New Zealanders are kiwis

What is a nickname for the new Zealanders?

Kiwis (only non-Maori New Zealanders).

What is the Antipodean word for New Zealanders?

It is Kiwis.

What is an informal Australian word for New Zealanders?

An informal Australian word for New Zealanders is kiwis.

Kiwis call the english poms what do the english call the kiwis?

That would be "kiwis." They are actually people from New Zealand or New Zealanders.

Do kiwis mate with other animals?

No, not all New Zealanders have bestiality fetishes.

What is kiwi and Aussie?

Kiwis is a nickname for new zealanders and Aussies ,Australians. hope this helps!

How did New zealanders get the name of kiwis?

A kiwi is the National bird Of New Zealand, and it is endemic. That is where the name originates.

What are the people of New Zealand called?

The indigenous people of New Zealand are called Maori and the non-indigenous people are called Pakeha (some Pakeha call themselves 'kiwis') and all the people are called New Zealanders.

Are Australians smarter than New Zealanders?

no kiwis are smart as and australians are dumb kangarooting surfers

What are people from New Zealand called?

New Zealanders. People from New Zealand are Maori or Pakeha (non-Maori). Maori can be also be called Tangata Whenua and Pakeha people might also be called kiwi.New Zealanders.New Zealanders. The indidenous people are called 'Maori', and non-indigenous people are 'Pakeha'. People from New Zealand are known as Kiwis, because of the national bird 'Kiwi' which is native to New Zealand and isn't allowed to be moved to even zoos in other countries, and because it wouldn't make sense to call us Newzealandish, we are known as Kiwis, or sometimes New Zealanders.

What do Australians call people who came from NewZland?

Kiwis, New Zealanders, (and the less grammatically sound) New Zealands are all commonplace.

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