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Lori Alan does the voice of Peral. She also did the voice of news anchor Diane Simmons on Family Guy. -EML

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2009-08-16 00:04:20
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Q: Who does the voice of pearl on SpongeBob?
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Who plays pearl in spongebob?

The voice of Pearl in Spongebob Squarepants is Lori Alan.

Who voices Pearl in SpongeBob?

Lori Alan does Pearl's voice. You can get some info about her on wikipedia.

Who plays the voice of purl in the cartoon SpongeBob?

Lori Allan plays the voice of Pearl.

What is pearls real name off of SpongeBob?

Lori Alan plays the voice of Pearl.

Who were the voice actors on SpongeBob SquarePants?

The voice actors in SpongeBob SquarePants are Tom Kenny who provides the voices of SpongeBob, Gary, SpongeBob's Grandpa, Dirty Bubble, Mermaid Man and also plays the character of Patchy the Pirate, Bill Fagerbakke who does the voice of Patrick, Rodger Bumpass who does the voice of Squidward, Clancy Brown who provides Mr. Krabs' voice, Carolyn Lawrence does the voice of Sandy, Jill Talley who provides the voice of Karen, Lori Alan who does Pearl's voice and Mary Jo Catlett who does the voice of Mrs. Puff.

Did the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants change?

No, the voice of Spongebob is still the same. Spongebob is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Who does the voice for Squidward on SpongeBob?

Rodger Bumpass is the voice of Squidward Tentacles on Spongebob.

Is the voice of sponge bob dead?

No, SpongeBob is not dead and neither is the voice of SpongeBob.

Who is the voice behind SpongeBob square pants?

The voice behind spongebob is Tom Kenny

Is green pearl voice rina?

Rina is = Green pearl voice Lucia is = Pink pearl voice Hanon is= Aqua pearl voice Coco is= Yellow pearl voice etc...

Who Has More Dates With SpongeBob Pearl Or Sandy?

That Would Be Pearl, Remember That Time Where Spongebob And Pearl Were On The Prom. Sandy Does Not Have Any Dates With Spongebob And The Wedding Of Spongebob And Sandy Was Just A Play, They Were Not Really Married. Although Still, Pearl Saved Sandy's Life.

Who is the voise SpongeBob?

Tom Kenny is the voice of spongebob

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