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The cast members of The Thundermans are Kira Kosarin who plays Phoebe Thunderman, Jack Griffo who plays Max Thunderson, Addsion Riecke who plays Nora Thunderman, Diego Velazquez who plays Billy Thundermax, Chris Tallman who plays Hank Thunderman and Rosa Blasi who plays Barb Thunderman and for recurring members Maya Le Clark plays Chloe, Dana Snyder plays Dr. Colosso, Audrey Whitby plays Cherry who is Phoebe's best friend, Harvey Guilllen who plays Cousin Blobbin, Helen Hong who plays Mrs. Wong, Tanner Stine who plays Oyster, Kenny Ridwan who plays Gideon and Brooke Sorenson who plays Madison.

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2016-07-29 21:15:01
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Q: Who are the cast members of The Thundermans?
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