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Uilleann pipes

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Q: Which instrument plays the opening to never an absolution from the soundtrack titanic?
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What instrument was played in titanic?

the instrument that was played in titanic is the violin

Who wrote the soundtrack for Titanic?

James Horner composed the music on the soundtrack for the mega-blockbuster 1997 James Cameron film Titanic

Who made the soundtrack for the movies titanic and avatar?

James Horner composed the music and soundtrack for James Cameron's Titanic, and he was recruited again to create the soundtrack for James Cameron's Avatar.

There a scene in Titanic where Rose is floating on a door singing What is the song playing in background?

The song is Rose is singing is called 'Come Josephine,' but the orchestrated song playing in the background is called 'A Promise Kept.' 'A Promise Kept' is on the original Titanic soundtrack and 'Come Josephine' is on the soundtrack "Back to Titanic."

What was the best selling movie sound track in the US?

The Titanic Movie Soundtrack, if I am not mistaken.

Who is James Horner?

James Horner is a music composer. Most notably for the titanic movie soundtrack.

How much money did Titanic gross the first weekend?

In its opening weekend in the US Titanic grossed $28,638,131.

Where can one buy a CD of the Titanic soundtrack?

There are many online retailers as well as brick and mortar stores that offer the Titanic soundtrack for sale. Walmart is one of those retailers, as well as eBay and Amazon. One can also listen to the different tracks on YouTube for free.

What type of flute is used in the Titanic soundtrack it is heard in your Heart Will Go On?

Penny whistle or tin whistle

What song was played in the movie Titanic?

You may be referring to My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. To find a whole list look up titanic soundtrack.

Is there a museum in Great Britain with remains of the Titanic?

No, but there is a museum opening in 2012 in Southhampton.

Where does the opening scene of Titanic take place?

southampton, dock gate 4

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