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The 94th Tour de France in 2007

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Q: What year did the Tour De France start in London?
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Does the Tour de France start in France?

Most of time yes, but the course changes each year. For example in 2007 the Tour de France started from London. Anyway, it always ends in Paris.

Where did the Tour start last year?

London in the UK

Which country did the tour de france start this year?

In 2012 the Tour de France started in Belgium.

What year did tour de France come to England?

the 2008 edition started in London

Does the tour de France ever leave France?

Yes. The route changes from year to year; some stages may start or end outside of France. It is quite common for some stages to start or end in Spain or Italy. This year (2011), stage 17 ended and stage 18 started at Pinerolo, Italy. In 2010, the Tour started in the Netherlands and the first three stages passed through Belgium. In 2009, the Tour started in Monaco and had stopovers in Spain and Switzerland. In 2007, the prologue to the Tour was held in London.

Does the tour de France take place within France only?

It is generally in France with occasional stages in neighbouring countries. It is traditional for the tour to start in another country, this year's start was in Monaco. This years tour for example has two stages based in Spain/Andorra.

Where will the tour de france begin these year?

i think it will start the same time as it did the other years

Where does the tour de France start this year?

The 2014 Tour de France began on July 5th in Leeds, UK. This first stage of the competition ended in Harrogate, UK.

Does the tour de France go every year?

Yes, the Tour de France goes on every year.

When has the tour de France not started in France?

The course of the Tour de France change every year so, time to time, it might start in neigbouring countries. However most of it is raced in France and it has always finished in Paris.

When was the Tour De France last in the UK?

In 2007 the first day of the tour(the prolog) was held in London England.I'm not sure about the answer above, but I think there's a reason the Tour de France is called so; because it is held in the Country of France. Last time I checked, road bikes can't cross water. Maybe the opening stage was once in London, though.A road stage followed the London prologue that year. London to Canterbury, the Tour then crossed the channel & began the next stage in Dunkerque.

Will the Jonas Brothers do a tour in England this year?

sure the Jonas brothers will do a tour in London!!!!!!!!! they luv London xx sure the Jonas brothers will do a tour in London!!!!!!!!! they luv London xx

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